Do you have an important event on the horizon? Perhaps just a friendly gathering at your house, but the planning and preparation are starting to get to you? Throughout our lives, we are often faced with organizing events, and the logistics of it all can quickly spiral, and you find yourself wondering, “Why did I agree to do this, is it even worth it at this point?”

Don’t let the stress of hosting an event put you off. Gatherings and get-togethers can be a fantastic experience, especially if you don’t have to take on the often-colossal task of cooking for 20 or 30 or 50+ people! Below are our Top 3 reasons you should hire a caterer and take back control (and the enjoyment) of your event.


You’ll Save Money!

Wait a minute… that can’t be right? It is! When you review a caterer’s menu and add up all the guests you’re expecting, the overall price might look high at first glance. But once you consider the cost of the ingredients, spices, serving dishes, additional pots and pans, specialty cookware, plates, and silverware for 30, 40, or 100 people, and the time it takes to cook all this food. You can see how hiring a caterer makes almost too much sense!

A professional caterer is experienced and knows how to plan and carry out a fantastic dining service on your behalf, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your party, if only for the dinner service.


You’ll Save Time!

Organizing an event is an exhausting affair, both mentally and physically. From pre-party prep on invites, choosing a theme, decorations, sound system, whether to hire a DJ, and perhaps some additional entertainment for the little rascals… You have more than enough items on your to-do list. Why not take back those 6-10 hours of shopping, prepping, cooking, plating, and serving food and instead use them to refine your theme further, bump up those decorations and perhaps take a minute or two for yourself?

Caterers have already spent countless hours testing dish combinations and have their own staff for setup, serving, and tear-down. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you time!


You Should Get to Enjoy Your Own Party!

If you take on too many responsibilities, it will be difficult for you to make the time to eat, let alone enjoy the party. A successful event takes quite a bit of management throughout the event. You’re greeting your guests, checking that their drinks are filled, checking the ice levels, making small talk and breaking the ice between different groups of friends, and putting out little fires all around the party. Now tack on dealing with the prep, serving, and cleanup of all the food, and you’ll be dangerously low on “Me” time.

Catering can be a lifesaver, a stress buster, and an economically prudent decision. So next time you’re planning a shindig, think of Chapala’s Mexican Restaurant. We’ve got you covered!