Open bars at weddings are taking on a whole new meaning. Newlyweds are starting to turn away from the traditional sit-down reception dinner with limiting to options of just “chicken or fish” and moving towards a buffet-style catering for their reception.

A taco bar or Mexican food catering is a great way to inject fun and color into your rehearsal dinner or casual wedding. It could be served as your main course or as a late night snack for your party guests dancing the night away.

Convenient Crowd Pleasing Buffet

One of the biggest benefits of buffet- style catering is its ability to please a crowd. Buffet style catering offers a lot of variety to your party guests and allows people to choose between many different side and protein options. This is especially appealing to guests with specific diets and food allergies. No party guest will be disappointed with a taco bar.

Make it Your Way

With a buffet style taco bar your guests will not only be able to pick and choose what goes on their taco but also the amount. With plated meals, every guest receives the same amount of food. This could leave some guests still hungry and other guests leaving food behind on their plates. Serving a buffet-style taco bar could meaning leaving less food waste at the end of the night.

Beverage Pairings

The perfect compliment to a taco bar? Margaritas! Chapala is happy to take care of the beverage service. Our specialties include margaritas, daiquiris, Mexican sangria, and cocktails. We also have spirit free drinks for non-drinkers and kiddos. Our tropical fruit punches and agua frescas are sure to quench and refresh everyone.

Everyone loves a good taco and is sure to be a crowd favorite at all events, not just weddings. Taco bars are a great catering option for any private party! Let Chapalas take some stress away and help make your event perfect!