August 2017

A Guide to Eating Low-Carb Mexican Food


If you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, then you know very well that foods such as tortillas, beans, and rice are a no-go. Since these are often staple ingredients for many Mexican dishes, low-carb dieters may be deterred and avoid [...]

July 2017

What Do You Actually Know About Tequila?


As your favorite local Mexican restaurant, we know a thing or two about tequila. That being said, there are a few things about tequila that may surprise you. For those of you curious about this special spirit, here’s the rundown [...]

June 2017

Top 3 Stellar Homemade Salsa Recipes


  It’s summertime and nothing is better than sipping some margaritas and munching on some fresh, homemade salsa and chips on a warm summer day. If you can’t make it out to Chapala Mexican Restaurant, then you can always make [...]

May 2017

Why Do We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


Feliz Cinco de Mayo! At Chapala Mexican Restaurant, we appreciate all who celebrate this fantastic Mexican holiday. In honor of it, we thought we would share with you a little history about the origin of this festive day and why [...]

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

The History of the Tortilla


At Chapala Mexican Restaurant, we cherish our cultural heritage and are proud of its contributions to the world. The tortilla is one of them! The tortilla is unarguably a staple item used in many iconic Mexican foods. Whether it’s tacos, [...]

January 2017

Authentic Mexican Horchata


At Chapala Mexican Restaurant we have delicious horchata available every day. Authentic Mexican horchata is made from rice, cinnamon, and water. There are many ways to make this creamy, cinnamony and refreshing drink and it varies from region to region. [...]

December 2016

Why Do We Love Spicy Food?


As a Mexican restaurant in Eugene, we thought we would share with you some background on spicy food and reasons why people love it so much. Mexican cuisine has a distinct flavor that many recognize and love. One of the major [...]

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